Harkidun Trek

Description : Har Ki Dun in Western Garhwal is one of the most popular trekking routes in India and for several good reasons. The trek up to Harkidun is on a broad trail, which follows a wide valley from Taluka. As a result you get views all through the trek. Harkidun is a huge meadow and offers the most stunning campsite location right next to the waters of the Supin river. The other highlight of being in Harkidun is to get a close up view of Swaragrohini. If there is a rest day available at Harkidun it allows one to take a couple of interesting short walks. The most interesting options is to walk to Mahindra Gad or to trek to the snout of the Jamdhar Glacier.

Grade : Easy

Best Month : April, May, June and September, October, November.

Highlights : An exciting valley walk with the opportunity of amazing camping options at Har Ki Dun along with stunning views of Swargrohini.

Trekking Days : 6 (with a rest day at Harkidun)

Maximum Height : 3500m at Harkidun


      The beautiful Harkidun valley as seen from Sankri Village.
      Taluka the starting point of the trek to Harkidun.
    Camp set up adjacent to Seema Village the middle point on the trek to Harkidun.
Young girl from Seema Village photographed on the trail. 
      Views of the Ruinsara valley which runs towards the east.
      Finally at Harkidun which is a trekkers delight.

      The Supin river as it snakes past huge boulders strewn across the Harkidun meadow.
    Very few campsites would match up with options available for trekkers at Harkidun. The classic view of Swararohini as visible from Harkidun.
The Harkidun Valley as visible while going down with the peak of Kedar Kanta visible in the distance towards the left.