Dodi Tal Trek

Description : An trek that starts from Bhagirathi valley and goes up to Dodital. The lake is ensconced in tranquil wilderness. From the lake, you can climb and cross over at Darwa Pass to the Yamuna watershed. The nomadic shepherds, called the Gujjars have been using this route traditionally to get their cattle to the high meadows every summer. Pilgrims too use this route walking between Gangotri and Yamunotri. For those looking for a higher challenge can do a day trip up to Darwa Top from Dodi Tal.

Grade : Easy

Best Month : March to June, September to November.

Highlights : Walking through Oak and Rhododendron forests and the lake itself is surrounded by a thick forest while the trouts in the lake are an added attraction.

Trekking Days : 3, an additional day is required if going to Darwa Top.

Region : Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

Maximum Height : 3024m at Dodi Tal.


      The bright red fields around Agoda village en-route to Dodi Tal.
      Views from Manjhi 4km short of Dodi Tal
      Bugyals seem from Manjhi.

      The sprawling Dodi Tal surrounded by thick forest.
      Lake evening view of Dodi Tal with the temple in the other end of the lake in view.
      Closing in to Darwa Pass for wide views of the peak in the area.

      Banderpunch as visibile from Darwa Pass.
      Views towards the east from Darwa Pass region.
      For those looking to gain more height Darwa Top at 4100m is an excellent option.

      View towards the Yumnotri side from Darwa Pass, some tals and gujjar huts in view.