Maldaru Lake Trek

Description : Seema and Osla are prominent villages on the trail to Harkidun in the Western Garhwal region. The village folk have a prominent temple in their village but more importantly what they consider sacred is the Maldaru Lake. Maldaru is located about 1500 M above their village towards east. But this route steep. If you wish to enjoy the views, it is the route from Taluka that captures the imagination of all trekkers. It has a gentle gradient but takes you through places that are pristine and views that are picturesque. On day two you camp at Vishkhopri, which is a massive meadow as big as a golf course. On day four, after walking on long meadow stretches, one can reach the base of the valley where Maldaru Lake is situated. A short walk from this point takes you to Maldaru Lake. Maldaru is glacial lake and about 300m long. You have an option of descending down the Ruinsara valley from where you get spectacular views of Swaragrohini. Also in view are Kalanag and Banderpunch. From the Ruinsara valley one can join the popular trail from Ruinsara Tal going back to Taluka and complete the trek.

Grade : Moderate

Best Month : May, June and September, October.

Highlights : Opportunity to walk through remote mountain villages, extensive walking on meadows, exciting views of Swaragrohini, Kalanag and Banderpunch and general remoteness of the area.

Trekking Days : 7

Region : Western Garhwal

Maximum Height : 4200m

Village folk preparing for the winter by building a granary which can keep their precious grain safe even from snow. Gangar is the last village which comes on the trail to Maldaru Lake. After camping at Vishkhopri on day 2 the trail moves through long meadow stretches filled with wild flowers.
Crossing of this stream requires one to take the horse position where you have to be hunched. End of day three the trail climbs to the most spectacular,  Rashi camping site. Early morning views from Rashi campsite.
Rashi campsite far below with Manju Kanta Pass in the background. Finally on the banks of the Maldaru Lake. Spectacular view of Swararohini which can be seen on the way down after reaching Maldaru Lake.
The trail post Maldaru Lake rejoins the Harkidun trail at Seema and progresses further to Taluka to end the trek.