Nalgan Pass Trek

Description : If you were to do the crossing from Himachal, Sangla is the place where you start walking. Located at 2,700m in Kinnaur district, Sangla is the road head. Typically, treks begin around the 2,000m level but you have an advantage by starting higher. You bypass forest sections and in a matter of few hours and start walking through vast expanse of beautiful meadows. The Kinnaur side has a fairly moderate gradient, which makes it easier to gain altitude. On the second day, you set up camp at the base of the Nalgan Pass at 3900 M before you start climbing towards the pass. Nalgan offers excellent views of Kinnaur and Garhwal sides. You descend down and set up camp in the Nalgan Valley and proceed further to Lake Kanasar. Or through the Nalgan valley find your way to Netwar in Garhwal over a 4 day period.

Grade : Moderate

Best Month : June, September, October.

Highlights : Walk through vast expanse of meadows of Sangla Kanda and views of the Himachal and Garhwal sides from the Nalgan Pass.

Trekking Days : 7 (If you do Nalgan and carry on to Netwar); 12 Days (cross Nalgan, reach Kanasar and end the trek in Garhwal).

Region : Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Maximum Height : 4200m

The Bapsa valley is a great place to spend a couple of days to acclimatize and relax before starting a trek. Sangla is a sprawling town but just a couple of hour A short walk from Sangla and you are in the mist of meadows. Sangla Kanda is recognizable by a large waterbody near Shepard huts.
Trek up to Nalgan Pass offers some scenic campsites helped by never ending meadow stretches. The route to Nalgan Pass is from the left with a gentle incline leading to the pass.
A view of the climb leading up to the top of Nalgan Pass. On top of Nalgan Pass looking towards the Uttranchal side. Route moving down my Nalgan Pass towards the Uttranchal side is much steeper as compared to the Himachal  side.
Finally camped in the Nalgan Valley which is a seldom visited part of Western Garhwal.