Baraadsar Lake Trek

Description : Baraadsar Lake located at a height of 4300m between Rupin and Supin valleys in Western Garhwal. The trekking community is not familiar with Baraadsar but the lake is popular among the locals as it is considered sacred for them. Legend has it that a prayer in Baraadsar never goes unanswered. Starting from the Rupin Valley, the approach to the Lake is initially through various villages, then through forest and subsequently over a ridge separating the Rupin and Supin. The ridge walk, which takes close to three days, provides excellent views in all directions. The final climb takes one to a high ridge at 4400m overlooking the Lake and the view from the ridge is stunning. You get commanding views of a massive bowl-shaped snow field that resembled a cauldron. There are high ridges in all directions and in the middle of this ‘cauldron’ slightly lies the Baraadsar Lake. The Lake is about four hundred metres long and remains frozen for most of the year. You can descend into the Supin Valley and join the trail used by the locals if you are interested in a circular trek.

Grade : Moderate to Demanding

Best Month : May, June and September, October.

Highlights : Opportunity to walk through remote mountain villages; interesting ridge walks offering views of Swaragrohini, Kalanag and Banderpunch; Stunning views of the Baraadsar Lake from the high ridge and the lake itself.

Trekking Days : 8

Region : Western Garhwal

Maximum Height : 4400m at high ridge to approach the lake.

The route to Baraadsar progresses through Bitri Village, valley is the background is the route towards Rupin and Nalgan Pass. Campsite a km ahead of Bitri Village with location of Baraadsar being behind the snow covered ridge in the background. Trail on day 2 moves predominately through forest sections.
Early morning on day 3 of the trek and you wake up to the most stunning sight of Swararohini towards the east. The final climb to Baraadsar Lake is from Dev Bassa and is a climb of about 800m to a point from where you can view the Lake. The top of the ridge from where you get a panoramic view of the large bowl in which Baraadsar Lake is located.
Baraadsar Lake is about 350m long and surrounded steep slopes towards the north side. The Supin valley can be used on the way down to the road head at Jakhol Village. Local washing machine in operation in the Supin Valley.
Crossing the Supin river to reach the village of Jakhol to end the trek to Baraadsar Lake.