Kanasar Lake Trek

Description : It is quite remote, the route demanding, and at places strenuous but once you reach the lake its beauty mesmerises you. Even in June, the lake can be covered by a sheet of ice and its steep slopes covered by a dense blanket of snow. On the fringes of the lake, time stands still. Kanasar can be reached through a couple of routes but the closest access was the Panchodar valley, which lies to one side of the Nalgan valley. The lake, seen from afar, resembles a human foot and could easily measure up to a kilometre in length and about two to three hundred metres in width at midpoint. The lake itself is interesting as it has an archipelago, a couple of islands right in the middle. After staring from Sangla in Himachal, crossing the Nalgan Pass at 4200 M and after 8 days, you reach a top of the ridge at 4450 M and descend down to reach the lake.

Grade : Moderate to Strenuous

Best Month : June, September, October

Highlights : You get to see some excellent views of both Kinnaur in Himachal and the Garhwal side from Nalgan Pass. Kanasar lake itself beautiful and mesmerising. The campsites in the Nalgan valley are stunning. The Panchodar valley is stunning and pristine too while the Bijori campsite is filled with wild strawberries. The base camp of Nalgan and Kanasar Lake has some of the most pretty campsites.

Trekking Days : 12 days

Region : Western Garhwal

Maximum Height : 4450m

Looking down into the Panchodar Valley which gives the closest access to Kanasar Lake. Camped in the Panchodar valley, Kanasar Lake is behind the snow ridge in the background. Long meadow stretches as you gain height on the trail to Kanasar Lake.
Camp en-route to Kanasar Lake with Nalgan Pass in the background towards the right. Trial towards Kanasar Lake over meadows carpeted with wild flowers. Moving into the snow-line as the trail progresses  closer to Kanasar Lake.
Final section over a vast snowfield near Kanasar Lake. Finally the massive Kanasar Lake which is nearly a kilometer long in length and has couple of small islands towards the narrower end. On the banks of the Kanasar Lake which even in summer remains partially frozen.
The unforgettable sight of the Kanasar Lake.