Churdhar - West Approach

Description : At 3650m height Churdhar is the highest peak in the lower Himalaya. For those looking for a new route to Churdhar as an alternative to the Nauradhar route from the east can try the approach from the west. From the west it takes close to two full days to reach Tessri. From Teesri Churdhar can be climbed in 3 hours post which one can return back to Teesri and start the walk back to Nauradhar thus completing a traverse of the peak. The final climb from Teesri if done in fair weather is not very challenging and at the summit you find a fairly large temple. Views towards the north are majestic as a string of peaks are visible.

Grade : Moderate

Best Month : April, May, June, September, October, November.

Highlights : Walk through vast expanse of meadows offering wide views of the Rajgarh towards the west. Summiting of Churdhar. Descend a different route towards the west.

Trekking Days : 3

Region : Rajgarh, Himachal Pradesh

Maximum Height : 3650m at the top of Churdhar


      Village Didag ( 2000m ) the starting point of the trek to Churdhar
      As you begin the climb views start opening up
      At close to the 2500m level one can get a wide view towards the west looking towards the Rajgarh side

      Trekking in April one comes across the bloom where ladybirds can be seen virtually everywhere
      At 2950m there is a lovely meadow to set up camp
      The trail continues over vast meadow stretches offering grand views

      Finally close to the 3000m mark the trail begins to flatten out
      Churdhar peak in the distance with Teesri being the low point on the ridge towards the right
      Under snow negotiating the final stretch to Teesri has to be done with care

      Finally at Teesri  in the middle of a snow storm