Fresher & Family Treks

At Juniper, we have the inclination to guide all those who have the burning desire to take their first steps into the mountain. To lend a hand for all those who want to go on their maiden trek in the Himalaya. Some have started early and some have not. Don’t just bother whether you are fourteen or forty. If you have made up your mind, we will put together the rest for you. If you are still deciding, we will assist you in making that decision. We feel your first experience on the mountain is crucial for you to enjoy and savour the taste later. At Juniper, we will make it memorable and the experience everlasting. We promise a wonderful beginning of your love affair with the mountains.

For first timers the Juniper team takes care in selecting a trek which has the all the attractions of a Himalayan trek but is shorter and easy for beginners in terms of height gain, quality of the trail and distance to be covered.

In addition first timers the Juniper teams helps in putting together your kit bag so that you are safe and comfortable on the trail.