Juniper Trekking Guide

The Juniper team has conducted several treks in the Himalaya over the years and in this process introduced hundred’s of outdoor enthusiasts to the wonderful world of trekking. The intention of putting together the Juniper Trekking Guide is to consolidate answers to commonly asked question which comes up as one prepare’s to go on a trek. It is important to be well prepared as you head up to the mountains and this guide will support that effort. The Juniper Trekking Guide contains information in the following areas :

1. Trek Grading
2. Expedition Style Trekking Routine
3. Managing Altitude
4. Trail Management
5. Environment Related Issues
6. Think Positive
7. Safe Drinking Water
8. Anticipating Weather Conditions
9. Reading Up Before a Trek
10. Communication While on the Trek
11. Personal Medical Kit
12. Building Fitness Levels
13. Poop Management
14. Gear Guide

Download the Juniper Trekking Guide