Juniper Signature Trek

If you want to take the trails less travelled, these signature treks are what you are looking for. The Indian Himalaya has several areas which do not feature in trekking maps but are frequently visited by village folk. Over the years, the Juniper Team has consciously tried to look for trekking opportunities in areas which are typically off the trekking map.

The treks listed as Juniper Signature treks are a collection of such treks which the Juniper team has done over the years. When you select any of these treks you will certainly get a feeling of remoteness as these treks don't attract the traffic which you see on popular treks in the Indian Himalaya.

At the heart ofthese treks lay a surfeit of adventure, stunning landscapes and memorable campsites tossed with the choicest of cuisine and loads of fun.

Led by a trip leader, trained guides and amiable staff, we have left no stone unturned on your way so that you are safe, sound and warm up there on the mountain.

At the end of the trek,if it doesn’t leave a mark on you, we promise we will take you onto an unexplored trail for free.

The level of difficulty ranges from moderately challenging to demanding and it is desirable, though not mandatory, that you have prior trekking experience.