Why Us?

Safety First : It’s all about being safe when you are on the mountain.Uppermost in Juniper’s priority is safety and security of our guests.Years of travel into the mountains have helped us put together a series of best practices that are followed like clockwork.While Juniper does all its due diligence before a trip, there are certain elements like the weather that is beyond the control of our hands and in case of an emergency, either the member or the team abandons the trip if the risk is too grave to manage.There is a first-aid and a medical kit available with the team should anyone may need it.Importantly there is a wilderness first aider who is trained to respond to any wilderness medical emergency.

Exploratory Treks : Trekking is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, more and more are travelling into the Indian Himalaya. In spite of the popularity there are several areas that are still virgin and pristine. Every year, Juniper is in search of these new areas so that we can take you to those places untouched and covered in primal beauty. At Juniper, we not only believe in taking the road less travelled, but importantly in finding the trails that were never there.

Expedition Level Support : You can enjoy the cold only if you are warm. On our treks, we make sure you stay warm inside the tent and your sleeping bag. Juniper provides four-season tents from Mountain Hardwear, MSR and The North Face so that you are secure from the elements. Not just your sleeping tents, Juniper offers spacious base camp tents to unwind after a tough day on the trail or when you want to rest when the weather is hostile.

Trip Leaders : A trip leader with hands on experience is critical to the success of an outdoor adventure in the Himalaya. Juniper treks are typically accompanied by our able, amiable and efficient trip leaders that they make all the difference. Juniper is committed to continuous training, skill building and recertification of its trip leaders so that they are updated on all aspects of backpacking, expedition behaviour, wilderness first response, outdoor leadership and risk management.